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Thursday, March 09, 2006

It Gets Easier

Ever since my conversation with Miriam and my trip to NY, I’ve just been cranking with my writing. Last week I wrote an essay called “Sex and the Third Grade Girl” and yesterday found out it will be published by Mothers Movement Online. This week I also finished an essay about race called “Learning to Be a White Liberal” and sent it off to a magazine. I haven’t felt this productive in years. Then it hit me yesterday: this is the first time in over nine years that I’ve had six hours a day to write without having to teach, care for my mother, or watch a young child. No wonder I’m actually getting things done.

I’m so grateful that I was with my kids a lot when they were little. I’m grateful that I’ll be there with them when spring break starts in just over a week and during summer break, which is just a warm breeze away. And of course, I still have other obligations. Blue Cross just sent me a bill for my mom for March, if you can believe it, and I have a stack of other mom-related business I should be attending to. Still, I’m appreciating this new phase we’re in and the freedom I feel.

In her book Mother Shock, Andi Buchanan recalls an incident when she was at the playground with her baby and the mother of an older child, a stranger, walked over just to say “It gets easier” to Andi, a moment she says made all the difference to her. That’s what I feel like saying today to all those blogging mothers trying to express themselves between diapers and temper tantrums (yours or theirs). It gets easier.


Blogger Anjali said...

Looking forward to your essay on "Sex and the Third Grade Girl." With two girls of my own, I guess it's good to be prepared for what lies ahead!

1:34 PM  

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